MSD Programmable Digital-7 with TCD and Acquisition Ignition

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PN: MSD-75301

Universal 4/6/8 Cylinder Applications

These Programmable Digital-7’s with TCD and acquisition are your solution for collecting data after a run. These ignitions have the Traction Control Detection features that race sanctions want, plus the ability to record ignition data that racers want. After a pass, the ignition data is downloaded into a PC, then saved and reviewed. Recordable data includes rpm through the run, the rate of acceleration, shift points, when and how many times the engine hit the rev limiter and much more.

Ignition Box Output — Capacitive discharge

Circuitry — Digital
Rev Limiter — Yes
Timing Retard — Three-stage

Data Acquisition — Yes
CD Voltage Output to Coil — 535 V
Current Draw — 1.1 amps per 1,000 rpm

Spark Output (millijoules) — 190 Millijoules
Minimum Operating Voltage — 10 V
Maximum Operating Voltage — 16 V
Length (in) — 8.500 in.
Height (in) — 2.250 in.
Width (in) — 4.500 in.
Ignition Box Color — Gold
Coil Included — No
Warranty — One-year warranty
Notes: Timed retard curve can be programmed during the launch.

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