GM Performance LSX Ignition Controller

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Circuitry Analog
Controls Ignition Advance Yes
Controls Ignition Retard Yes
Use with Locked Distributor No
Stages of Ignition Retard 1
Controller Activation Programmable
Adjustable Yes
Adjustment Style PC
Ignition Box Required No
Compatible with Multiple Coil Ignitions No

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PN: NAL-19171130

GM LSX 2005-2010

These GM Performance LSX ignition controllers are designed to control carbureted distributorless LS engines using 58X reluctor wheels only. Compatible with LS1/LS6 and LS2/LS7 ignition coils only. These kits include an ignition controller and wiring harness. Their software allows for custom vacuum advance curves, timing curves, a programmable rev limit, and more.

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