Trick Flow TW 11R 205 Cylinder Heads

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1963-1995 Ford Windsor Small Block
Trick Flow twisted wedge 11R 205cc heads are the new generation for taking power-making to the next level for the Small Block Ford. These heads feature fully CNC-profiled and bowl blended combustion chambers and CNC competition ported intake and exhaust runners to provide maximum airflow throughout camshaft valve lift, and guarantee the same amount of flow from port-to-port and chamber-to-chamber for improved power over the entire rpm range.
Twisted Wedge 11R series heads work with most OEM and aftermarket intake and exhaust manifolds/headers. The heads are ready for installation straight out of the box. Total Engine Airflow offers many custom cylinder head assemblies for this family of products. Should you need a customized solution not included below, give us a call!

Lift Intake Exhaust
0.100 71 60
0.200 140 111
0.300 208 150
0.400 261 185
0.500 298 212
0.600 321 227
* Tests conducted at 28″ of water pressure. Bore size: 4.030″, intake radius plate, 1 3/4″ exh. pipe

Cylinder Head Material — Aluminum

Combustion Chamber Volume (cc) — 56

Intake Runner Volume (cc) — 205cc

Exhaust Runner Volume (cc) — 66cc

Combustion Chamber Style — Heart

Intake Port Location — Standard

Exhaust Port Shape — Square

Exhaust Port Location — Standard

Intake Valves Included — Yes

Intake Valve Diameter (in) — 2.080 in.

Exhaust Valves Included — Yes

Exhaust Valve Diameter (in) — 1.600 in.

Valve Springs Included — Yes
Maximum Valve Lift (in) — 0.600 in.

Outside Diameter of Outer Spring (in) — 1.300 in.

Damper Spring Included — Yes

Number of Springs Per Valve — Dual

Retainers Included — Yes

Retainer Material — Chromoly steel / Titanium optional

Locks Included — Yes

Lock Style — 7 degree

Valve Stem Seals Included — Yes

Valve Stem Seal Style — Viton® fluoroelastomer

Rocker Arm Studs Included — Yes

Rocker Arm Nut Thread Size — 7/16-20 in.

Guideplates Included — Yes

Guideplate Pushrod Size — 5/16 in.

Intake Valve Angle — 11

Exhaust Valve Angle — 13
Valve Guides Included — Yes

Valve Guide Material — Manganese bronze

Valve Seat Machine Style — 3-angle

Valve Seat Material — Ductile iron

Oiling Style — Through pushrod

Heat Crossover — No

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