Trick Flow high Port 192 Fast As Cast

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1963-1995 Ford Windsor Small Block

These are Trick Flows original after market Heads—the ones that started the high performance small block Ford head revolution, one of the most dominant aftermarket heads in racing.

Now their even better; updated with today’s cutting edge technologies. Fully CNC machined combustion chambers for a better fuel burn rate. Thicker port walls, and a reshaped intake ports increase rigidity while improving flow. Interlocking ductile iron seats handle high horsepower and heat stress.

Material: A356-T6 Aluminum
Combustion Chamber Volume: 64cc CNC-profiled
Intake Port Volume: 192cc Fast As Cast
Intake Port Location: Stock
Intake Port Dimensions: 1.200″ x 2.000″
Minimum intake cross section: 1.8sq. In.
Intake Gaskets: Fel-Pro 1250
Intake Valve Diameter: 2.020″
Intake Valve Seat: Interlocking Ductile iron
Exhaust Port Volume: 87cc Fast As Cast
Exhaust Port Location: Raised .750″ from stock
Exhaust Port Dimensions: 1.250″ x 1.500″
Minimum exhaust cross section: 1.5 Sq. in.
Exhaust Gaskets: Fel-Pro 1415
Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.600″
Exhaust Valve Seat: Ductile iron
Valve Guide Material: Bronze alloy
Valve Seals: Viton® fluoroelastomer
Minimum Bore Diameter: 4.000″
Cylinder Head Bolts: TFS-92005 or equivalent
Spark Plugs: Autolite 3924 or equivalent
Valve Covers: OE bolt pattern,raised 0.400″


Lift Intake Exhaust
0.100 67 55
0.200 137 103
0.300 194 138
0.400 244 166
0.500 270 183
0.600 283 193
* Tests conducted at 28″ of water, 4.030″ bore, 1.750″ pipe

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