Trick Flow 360cc A460 Cylinder Heads

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Our CNC ported offering of the TFS A-460 head. This head has shown excellent results on 550+ cube engines and easily makes 900+ hp with 1 carburetor, it also works well with Nitrous oxide. Features 360cc intake runner, with 2.400″ intake valve and exhaust features 180cc runner with 1.88″ exhaust valve. Stainless valves are standard but titanium or iinconel are available at extra cost. Combustion chamber is 85cc and can be milled to low 70’s. Our standard assembly contains PAC Dual drag race springs, super 7 titanium retainers, and locks rated for .900″ lift.

18 bolt A356-T6 aluminum CNC porters casting std
Combustion Chamber Volume: 85cc OR 87cc CNC-profiled
Intake Port Volume: 360cc CNC-ported
Intake Valve Diameter: 2.400″
Exhaust Port Volume: 180cc CNC-ported
Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.880″
Valve Seat: Ductile iron std
Valve Guide Material:11/32″ Bronze alloy
Valve Seals: Viton® fluoroelastomer
Valve Spring Cups: PAC ID Locator
Valve Spring Retainers: PAC TI-17 Super 7* titanium
Valve Stem Locks: Super 7* Radial groove
3/8″ Guideplates included
Rocker Arm Studs: ARP 7/16″

Valve Springs:
.900″ PAC DUAL DRAG RACE 1329 OR 1356
300 OR 350 @ 2.100″ installed height
1000 OR 1050 @ 1.200″ open
780 lbs. per inch rate

Important Notes
Minimum Bore Diameter: 4.440″
Cylinder Head Bolts: ARP 255-4304 or equivalent
Spark Plugs: Autolite 3922 or equivalent

FLOW DATA A460 360cc Int.
Lift Intake Exhaust
0.100 80 72
0.200 170 134
0.300 251 182
0.400 325 227
0.500 389 271
0.600 430 312
0.700 455 345
0.800 463 364
* Tests conducted on 4.600″bore at 28″ of water

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Weight 60 lbs


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