Powerjection III Fuel Injection Kit

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PN: PPFS-70026

Professional Products Powerjection III Kit
The PPFS-70026 Universal fuel injection system with Satin finish, is the complete kit for return systems. It includes the throttle body, integrated control unit, EFI fuel pump and filter, fuel inlet kit w/regulator, plus oxygen sensor and mounting kit.

The Powerjection III is the industry pioneer in self-learning, carburetor replacement EFI systems. The ease of installation and clean looks with minimal wiring make it perfect for converting hot rods, street machines or custom cars to fuel injection. The “Adaptive Learning” feature reduces the amount of interaction needed with the EMS while maintaining a complete level of tuning not always available with other systems in the market. All at a price point making fuel injection available to the mass market. While this is one of the simplest and most affordable systems available, it doesn’t mean that quality is left behind. The EMS was engineered and developed and is assembled at our facility in California.

It utilizes wideband oxygen sensor measurements for complete tuning capabilities. A 2.5 BAR MAP sensor is integrated into the EMS to measure up to 22 PSI boost for supercharged/turbocharged applications. The EMS mounts directly to the throttle body to eliminate nearly all of the wiring and prevents unnecessary holes in the firewall. Built-in timing control allows for complete engine management. When you choose a calibration, based on the particular parameters for your engine, the interface creates a base calibration for you. Then, take the car out in normal driving conditions with a few full throttle runs mixed in and the EMS will dial in the fuel and the system will adjust to temperature, altitude and other driving scenarios you might encounter. While the adaptive learning will handle most performance applications, the Powerjection III is fully programmable via laptop connection, providing for optimum tuning for higher performance or specialized applications.

Supports up to 550HP

Fuel Injection Kit Specifications:
Injection Style: Throttle body
Metering Style: Speed density
Fuel Rails Included
Throttle Body Included
Throttle Body Mounting Flange: 4-barrel square bore
Venturi Quantity: 4
Airflow Rate: 750 (cfm)
Throttle Body Material: Cast aluminum
Throttle Body Finish: Satin
Injectors Included
Injector Size: 62 (lbs/hr)
ECM Included
Wiring Harness Included
Oxygen Sensor Included
Fuel Pump Included
Fuel Pressure Regulator Included
Fuel Pressure Gage Included
Fuel Filter Included
MAP Sensor Included
IAT Sensor Included
Throttle position Sensor Included
IAC Sensor Included

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Weight 15 lbs


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