HP Tuner- VCM Suite with MPVI Pro- FORD

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PN: HPT-6022
VCM Suite MPVI Pro Package

HP Tuners provide performance at your fingertips, and their MPVI hardware raises the bar on cross-platform vehicle tuning, licensing flexibility, and user features for more horsepower! HP Tuners VCM Suite MPVI Pro packages are easy to use and have all of the features found in their Standard packages. VCM Editor and Scanner unlock your vehicle’s full potential by allowing you to save, modify, view, chart, and log data. So, what’s the Pro part? You can integrate 0-5 V signals from various sensors–EGT, wideband, fuel pressure, and the like–right into the scanner. You’ll have real-time data from those sensors right next to your standard scan tool data, such as TPS, rpm, and mph. The MPVI Pro interface also has black box data logging; you can scan your vehicle without the laptop by using the interface record button.

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