GM LS 454 Big Bore Stroker Kit 24 Tooth Reluctor

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PN: WIS-R-KD20177-24

GM LS 454 fits Big Bore LSX engines
Looking to build a maximum cubic inch LSX engine? This Wiseco rotating assembly increases your big bore LS engine to a 454 cu. in. monster. With a 4.125 in. stroke K1 Technologies 4340 forged crankshaft, K1 Technologies 4340 forged connecting rods, and Wiseco 4.185 in. forged pistons this rotating assembly is designed to make maximum power in a reliable package. This is for the enthusiast who wants the most extreme bore and stroke combination available for the legendary GM LSX engines.

This kit will give you 12.9:1 compression with 65cc chamber heads, 12.4 with 68cc, and 11.9 with 72cc.

Basic Package includes-
Light weight forged Wiseco pistons for a 4.185 in. bore
4340 forged K1 Technologies 4.125 in. stroke crankshaft.
4340 forged K1 Technologies 6.125 in. weight-matched connecting rods
ARP 2000 rod bolts
24 teeth on reluctor wheel

Image is not the actual kit, it is only a representation of a Wiseco kit!

Additional information

Weight 72 lbs


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