GM 5.3L Stage 1

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GM Factory 5.3L 862,706
Our stage 1 cnc program is built using our latest valve job and port design for the 5.3L GM cylinder head castings. This head is very popular with 4.8 and 5.3 builds and recommended for the stock 3.800 bore engines. Intake runner is redesigned and the 1.89″ valve is replaced with a 2.00 intake valve while the stock 1.55 exhaust valve is reused. this head makes great power N/A and also works well with boost.

Disassemble and clean
Fully CNC port Intake and exhaust runners and chambers (64cc)
Competition 4 angle multi angle valve job
Precision grind all 16 valves with backcut on intake valve
8 Re-manufactured 2.00″ GM intake valves included
Hand blend valve job into porting
Flow test with sheet included
PCD Flat mill decks – additional milling available
Custom Blueprint Assembly insuring all assembly heights and spring pressures are correct
TEA/PAC racing Dual .650″ spring kit with Titanium retainers

Lift Intake Exhaust
0.100 68 57
0.200 143 120
0.300 210 172
0.400 255 217
0.500 290 238
0.550 298 244
0.600 304 248
* Tests conducted at 28″ of water, 3.90″ bore, 1.875″ x 4.0″Exh. pipe

Customer will need to supply their cores

Oversize valves and optional springs are available

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Weight 60 lbs


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