TEA Features and Benefits

Total Engine Airflow vs. standard “off the shelf” heads from Summit or Jegs
Here’s the difference:

• Valvejobs: All of our valvejobs are designed to optimize airflow and deliver outstanding power and reliability. They are also blueprint exact, meaning all seat depths are equal from valve to valve and head to head.
• Airflow: All of our heads are properly hand blended in the critical areas and flow tested to insure they perform as designed. All heads come with a flow sheet for your set of heads.
• Assembly: Every set of heads is ready to install directly out of the box. All are “blueprint assembled” to insure all clearances are checked and all spring heights and pressures are equal. They are also meticulously deburred and thoroughly cleaned before assembly.
• Custom options: There are countless options that can be performed on cylinder heads, we have the experience and know how to make sure they are done right. For instance chamber volume’s we can mill any of our heads to the customers requested chamber volume, in some cases we can remove extra material to make the chambers larger if needed. We also stock parts from all the leading valve-train manufacturers and can supply countless variations of different valve springs, retainers ,and valve materials.
• Experience: Our staff consists of veteran machinists with years of experience building cylinder heads and engines. We know what will live and what won’t.