Trick Flow® TFX™ Electric Fuel Pump for 1986-97 EFI Mustangs

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PN: TFS-25000

Trick Flow® TFX™ 155 lph Electric In-Tank Fuel Pumps for 1986-97 EFI Mustangs
This Trick Flow® TFX™ electric in-tank fuel pump is for you if you’ve made serious engine mods to your 1986-97 EFI Mustang. Now that you’ve increase your engines ability to breath fire you’ll need a fuel pump that can keep up. This TFX™ fuel pump from Trick Flow® is designed to do just that so your engine can run at its full potential.

Fuel Pump Specifications:
Free Flow Rate: 155 lph
Maximum Pressure (psi): 90 psi
Inlet Size: stock
Inlet Quantity: One
Inlet Attachment: stock
Outlet Size: stock
Outlet Quantity: One
Outlet Attachment: stock

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